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Boston Stump

Boston is the nearest local town (approx. 6 miles), with good shopping and many attractions. It has close links with the Pilgrim Fathers, who were imprisoned in the town in 1607. The cells and courtroom can be seen in the Guildhall, where there is also a virtual reality tour available of Boston in the 16th Century.

Boston's most famous landmark is St.Botolph's church, the largest parish church in the country. The tower (called the Stump) can be seen up to 20 miles away and visitors can climb part way up to see spectacular views of the local countryside. The church contains memorials to several men who became governors of Massachusets, and also to George Bass and Joseph Banks whom sailed with Captain Cook to Australia. 

Boston has a large open air market most Wednesdays and Saturdays. On Wednesdays there is an auction  in Wide Bargate, selling produce and many other items. It is a good opportunity to see local people in a rural situation.


The Maud Foster windmill, with 5 sails is one of the tallest working windmills in the country and close to Bargate Green.  Visitors can climb to the top and see the internal workings.  Flour ground at the mill is also available for sale.

The Central Park, close to the town centre has facilities for children and an aviary. 

Boston is on the river Witham, along which there are pleasant walks. Cruises are available from the Marina. 

The coast near Boston comprises sea shore, sand dunes and salt marshes, with an abundance of wild life. There are good nature reserves at Frampton Marsh and Gibraltar Point (near Skegness). 

Boston's web site: http://www.boston.gov.uk



Maud Foster windmill

Auction in Wide Bargate,  Boston Market (Wednesdays)
Boston Market (Wednesdays & Saturdays)